8 Reasons Why Casual Sex Can’t Be Bad – It’s Just too Good!



There are oodles of reasons to have casual sex! Everything from the fun factor all the way to the fact that you can actually discover some things about yourself. Sex doesn’t have to be all about emotions, it can just be sex sometimes! If you’re looking for reasons to have some hookup fun, we’ve got them for you! Here are some fabulous and fun reasons to boink away guilt-free!

It Feels Good

Sex feels good. And when you feel good, you feel happier, right? If you feel like having sex, and the opportunity presents itself, why not? Sometimes we really don’t need a reason for something other than we want to because we like it. And that’s okay! You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone.

It’s Physically Good For You

There are a lot of reasons sex and orgasms are actually good for your health. Having orgasms can keep your body healthy, give you glowing skin, and make you feel better, among other things. Orgasms can even give your brain a workout!

Practice Makes Perfect

Want to be better at sex? Well then you have to have sex, silly! When it comes to fooling around, the best way to work on your skills is to actually do, not just read or talk about it. Have a little casual sex in order to become good at it, so that when you find the person you want to be in a relationship with, you’ll shock them with how amazing you are!

It Doesn’t Mean You’re Trashy

If your reason for not participating in a casual hookup is because you don’t want people to judge you or label you as trashy… that’s a silly reason. Fooling around with someone you’re not dating does NOT make you less of a person. Also, you should never let what other people think stop you from doing what you want.

You Should Be Experimenting

There’s nothing wrong with trying new things (and new people) to find out what you like and don’t like when it comes to fooling around. Experimenting is really important. If you don’t do it, you’ll never learn what really gets you going… and that’s important to have a great sex life.

It Will Make You Feel Relaxed

One of the other health benefits of sex? Having an orgasm makes you less stressed. So, if you’re feeling really wound up lately, try having a little sexual fun so that you can feel more relaxed. Of course, casual sex will only leave you feeling relaxed if you really didn’t mind that it was casual, so keep that in mind.

You Should Explore Your Sexuality

Exploring your sexuality is similar to experimenting – it’s really important! Hooking up is one of the best ways to do that, because it lets you try different things without any of the emotional attachment that might make things awkward or messy.

It’s Fun!

Again, this really isn’t something you need to justify to anyone. Sex can be really fun if you’re with the right person, and maybe you need a night of casual fun. If so, go for it! Just don’t forget: use protection!

Why are you still here? Get busy, People! It’s good for you!