Why Cougars (Older Women) Look For Sex With Younger Men

Older women are just looking for better sex

A researcher conducted interviews with 100 women aged 30 – 60 who had dated much younger men. Their main reason for choosing a younger partner was ‘amazing sex’.

They found that younger men broke from the conventional norms. The norms being:

  1. Men lust and women just want to feel desirable.
  2. Sex is simply oral sex and intercourse – that’s it.
  3. Men should initiate sex and women just follow their lead.
  4. Women always orgasm during sex.

Often it’s not only men who believe in these norms – many women accept it as being true too. But these assumptions are incorrect:

  1. Yes, most women want to feel desired. And some women also experience male lust. Many ‘cougars‘ have said they had been ridiculed by friends and previous lovers for having an insatiable sex drive.
  2. Porn is mostly responsible for the second accept conventional norm. Porn has deluded people into think there is nothing more to sex than oral, vaginal and anal sex.
  3. A woman’s orgasms rate is only 50 to 70 percent, regardless of how long the sex lasts or how large the man’s manhood is. When an older woman has sex with a younger man she often insists on extended cunnilingus helping her reach a climax.
  4. Only 25 percent of women consistently climax from intercourse alone. The other 75 percent need kissing, cuddling, whole-body massage, genital hand massage, and especially cunnilingus. Compared with men their own age or older, cougars say cubs are more teachable, and therefore, preferable partners.

In the interviews conducted cougars appreciated their young partners sexual stamina and their ability to get another erections soon after ejaculating so they could have sex again and again.

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