Fuck toy

I turned my head, avoiding his hungry gaze. He’d broken into my home as I was sleeping. Before I knew what was happening his cock was forcing its way into my pussy and I screamed and clawed at his arms. He was stronger than me, and his cock was brutally thick. My pussy wouldn’t be able to handle him.

“Stay the fuck still, bitch!” He slapped my face and continued to force his long cock inside of me. I squirmed, realizing he was going to enter me bare. I shifted my hips up to throw him off, but I only succeeded in allowing his cock to slide inside of me up to the base.

He chuckled and taking his hands he spread me open, his thumbs spreading my folds until my clit appeared, and then he grinded into me. I whimpered at the feeling of my clit being forcefully fondled, plus the contracting of my walls around his shaft sent me into another realm of unexpected pleasure.

He bent down and I looked away ashamed. Whimpering as his hips smashed into mine, my clitty rubbing along his pelvis. He licked my flushed cheek, running his tongue down my neck until he reached my turtle neck.

“Fuck,” he gritted. He let go of me for an instant, only to rip my sweater off. Exposing my bare tits to his hungry gaze. He growled, and the sound made my pussy clench. His cock twitched inside of me and he grabbed and pinched my nipples as he dragged his cock out and slammed back into me.

I cried out then. But not from pain. I shook my head from side to side from the ecstasy his cock was giving me. My pussy drooled on him, making the juiciest sounds as it slurped up his cock.

“Uggghhhh, I knew you’d be a good fuck! You like my cock dirtying up this nasty pussy, don’t you?” He groaned as I lifted my hips meeting his thrusts.

I didn’t think, I just moved into him. Rocked my hips up so he’d fill me up with each thrust. My pussy quivered and my tits ached to be touched. I arched my back and he gobbled up my nipple, sucking on it hard and long. Popping out of his mouth only to bite the flesh around it.

I spread my legs for him and eagerly took his powerful pounding. My whimpers became moans and then screams as his thumb circled my clit.

“Fucking cum on this dirty cock, baby! You needed a good dicking didn’t you? You naughty little girl. Daddy’s gonna breed this nasty little cunt and I’m definitely coming back for seconds.

I screamed as my legs trembled and my body reacted to his words.

“Cum for me you dirty little whore! Cum on my cock!”

I scratched his back as my body obeyed. Currents of hot pleasure coursed through my body as it lifted into his waiting arms. I looked at him and he took the mask off. He was gorgeous, thick beard, light eyes, perfect lips. He captured my lips and I moaned into his mouth.

He sat me down on his cock and spanked my ass. “Ride me fucktoy! Ride your Daddy’s cock!”

I whimpered as I slid down onto his thick hard pole. My pussy was sore yet it wanted more of him. It wanted to be filled by this gorgeous man. My tits rubbed against his hairy chest as I bounced on his cock.

“Ugghhh, yeah! Milk that cock baby! Fuck!” He growled and pulled at my ass cheeks hard. I screamed and then my breath caught as his fingers dragged my cream against my dirty hole.

I stopped moving and stared at him, my mouth open as the hottest, dirtiest sensation ran through me.

“Ohhh, has no one ever touched you there, princes? Is this hole fresh for the taking?”

I shuddered and my pussy clenched down on him making him groan. He leaned back and took me with him. His thick cock buried deep inside of me as he dipped his fingers into my asshole.

“Ohhhh, baby. Your tight back there. I can’t wait to tear up your sweet ass.”

I screamed as he fingered my ass, spreading it even wider as a second finger dipped in and then he thrust up, fucking both my holes in perfect rythm. My pussy quivered and my body shook and arched as I gave myself over to him. He was raping me to the point of delirium and I didn’t care. I wanted him to.

He grabbed my tit in his mouth and sucked it as I came undone on his lap. He fucked me hard and deep, my pussy bouncing hotly on his cock, my ass completely filled by his fingers. I screamed as I came hard and long. But he didn’t stop there. Instead he flipped me around on hands and knees and licked my cunny hole until I was sobbing in sweet release. And then his tongue lapped against my dirty hole. His groans of hunger were so dirty, my legs trembled from the pleasure.

“Ohhhh fuck yes!” I cried out. “Yes! Eat my pussy! Fucking suck on my ass!”

I had lost to him, given all of my control over. He growled and twisted my hair in his hand, lifting me up. “Where do you want it baby?” He twirled a finger against the entrance of my ass. “You want my hot cum in this tight little pussy or up in this dirty, tight little ass?”

“Ugghhhh, put it everywhere! I want your cum everwhere!”

He groaned and started to fuck my cunt in hard long strokes. I held on tight as his raw, throbbing cock took me bare. His fingers found my clit and I cried out as my orgasm hit. He roared and I felt his cock swell, increasing my orgasm and screams as he filled me up. He grunted as his spunk filled me. And I moaned as he dragged it out, only to shove it deep into my ass.

I screamed as his cockhead popped in and he groaned and rutted against me as the last bit of his balls pumped his hot seed into my dirty backside.

I collapsed onto the cushion, his weight pinning me down. He bit down on my back, his hand sliding down my spine until he found my round ass. He spanked it making me tighten my hold around his vock. He groaned yet remained buried in my asshole.

Twisting my hair in his fist, he yanked it back, hard enough for me to feel his dominance. Our eyes met as my head tilted back and he bent down and kissed me. The feel of his mouth on mine made me shiver.

“You’re a fucking perfect dirty slut,” he whispered huskily against my mouth. “I’ll be back for more tomorrow night, and every night after that. Your pussy belongs to me. You can call the cops, but theyll never find me. And I’ll just keep punishing this dirty pussy over and over again. But if you play nice, I’ll give you so much pleasure you’ll say thank you as you beg me for more.”

I whimpered and he chuckled. “Stay here and don’t move whore. I’ll be back tomorrow night, and that window better be left open.”

We both groaned as his cock slid out of my sore backside. He kissed my shoulder and then he was gone. I stared out into the fireplace and realized my pussy was throbbing. It liked the abuse and I clenched my eyes closed. I realized I was looking forward to becoming his perfect little fucktoy.