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“You may now kiss the bride,” announced the priest, and as he did the whole church applauded in delight. Nobody knew much about this mysterious couple who moved to the town six months ago, but they had immediately endeared themselves to the entire community. She volunteered at the pet shelter in her spare time, and he helped raise money for the local school. At first a few people gossiped about how much older he was than her, but they were so in love and such good people that soon nobody cared. When they announced that they were getting married and were throwing a big party that the entire town was invited to, it became the event of the year.

The party that followed the wedding ceremony was such a success that nobody noticed the newlyweds sneak away to their room to consummate their marriage. But first, he was dying to taste his new wife’s sweet pussy. Before she had a chance to undress, he had her on the bed and was licking her sweetness. “Ohhhh, Daddy she moaned…”

Since there was nobody from the town who could hear them, it was safe for her to refer to him as Daddy. And she liked doing so because he was her father. They had successfully packed up their old lives, changed their names and moved to this town 6 months ago without anybody suspecting they were actually father and daughter. And now they were married. She loved the way her dad ate her out, but now she wanted to ride her father – her husband – as hard as she could. Stripping off, she ordered her dad onto his back and she climbed onto his lap to began their matrimonial fuck.

They’d been fucking regularly almost ever since her 18th birthday, but they were both so overwhelmed by the romance of this occasion that it quickly began one of their most passionate love-making sessions.

“Baby, go easy on me,” he laughed, “You’re going to make me cum inside you if you keep going this. You feel way too good!”

However, instead of slowing down and instead of pulling her father’s cock out from her pussy, she rhythmically started to grind herself with hard deliberate movements that brought both her and her husband/father to the edge. When she whispered, “I want to have your baby”, they both went over that edge, cumming simultaneously.

The incestuous father and daughter had just had their first fuck as husband and wife in a town where nobody knew their wonderful secret. As he finally let his cock slide out of his daughter’s sweet little cunt, he saw some of his cum leak out – a reminder that they’d done more than consummate their marriage tonight; they had potentially conceived their first child.