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Imagine pulling up next to a parked car at night and looking down to see me rubbing my nipples. What would you do? Would you watch me? Would you unzip your pants and stroke yourself at the sight? Would you get out and watch me through my window so you know I see you? Or maybe.. your internal wants take over and you come around to the driver door and open it. You dont say a word as you pull my shirt the rest of the way off and show my breast what they were missing your fingers and then letting your teeth find them. You’ll hear a moan slip out of my mouth as I start to unbutton my pants and slide them down, along with my underwear. I’ll grab your pants and do the same to expose you. You can see this isn’t about foreplay, I just want to feel you inside of me. You’ll slide the tip in and try to tease me, but once you feel how wet I am, you can’t stop yourself from thrusting deeper. You’re gonna keep going and pulling down onto you with my nipples still in your mou

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