What Men Need to Know About a Woman’s C-Spot




Most men are familiar with a woman’s G-Spot—or at least they should be. For those unaware, the G-Spot, named after gynecologist, Ernst Gräfenberg, is an erogenous zone located two to three inches within the vagina toward the front wall. It’s a walnut-textured hotspot that generates powerful vaginal orgasms. Assuming you give a damn about your partner’s sexual satisfaction, there’s a good chance you’re aware of the clitoral orgasm as well.

What you probably haven’t heard of is the cervical orgasm. But don’t fret, Playboyreader: that’s only because there’s little research to confirm or deny its existence. However, many women swear they’ve experienced this elusive orgasm and experts insist they’re possibile. So let’s explore the never-boring nuances of the female body and discover for ourselves if we can help our partners achieve the fabled cervical orgasm.

“The cervical orgasm concept is potentially authentic, but I personally question whether this is more of a whole body experience that’s producing a releasing effect,” Patti Britton, PhD, clinical sexologist told Refinery29. “But that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.”

The cervix is a donut-shaped portion of the uterus that’s made entirely of cartilage. Located at the lower end of the uterus, the cervix prevents whatever enters the vagina from going deeper than it should. The center of this inch-long tube is said to be highly sensitive. When stimulated, it produces a strong orgasmic reaction that runs through the body, though its power is entirely dependent on the individual.

The issue with orgasms stemming from the cervix is that, unlike the vagina and clitoris, there aren’t many nerve-endings in the area, which is why experts like Britton speculate a cervical orgasm is actually the result of other nerves–like the clitoris–being stimulated. “It’s quite possible that some women do have innervation or nerve conduction, and therefore experience sensation at the cervix or near the cervix,” Britton says. “But it’s not a common place for women to report orgasmic response.”

However, other experts speculate there is indeed a “sacred” or “goddess” spot located just under the cervix that promotes an “ecstatic orgasmic response,” Refinery29 reports. They say the best way to encourage cervical orgasms is through deep penetration. And fret not, men with below average penises, because deep penetration can be achieved through toys as well. Because no one orgasm is alike, the best way to find out how deep penetration works for you is through regular experimentation. In this case, gauge which speed and depth feels best for your partner.

Additionally, experts recommend experimenting with cervical orgasm when the woman is already aroused, as the flood of chemicals make the deep thrusting sensations feel more amazing than painful. Experts also believe the best odds at attaining a cervical orgasm is to attempt during or close to ovulation as the cervix is lower and easier to reach. Do not continue if it’s painful. Instead, keep her aroused. Lube helps. Cervical orgasms are easiest to achieve when women are close to orgasm. But most of all, it’s important to note that you must be gentle when experimenting with the cervix as it is an entirely new sensation that can cause pain. Let her lead the way. This is for her benefit, after all.